Who we are

Lam Civil Engineering, Inc. provides our clients with complete civil engineering services from concept planning to project completion with a highly skilled and responsive team using the latest technology.

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From Concept to Reality:

Listening to client idea, needs and wants of a project to establish the process for efficient project delivery.  Lam Civil Engineering, Inc. will meet client onsite to picture the client’s vision and understand the constraints of the site.
Lam Civil Engineering, Inc. will take the information established from the initial consultation to layout the process to accomplish the various design criteria and permitting.  During the design process, Lam Civil Engineering, Inc. will engage in various meetings with local and state agencies to establish the design criteria for the project.  Design process usually takes any where from one week to three weeks depending on the complexity of the project.
Post Design
Althought it’s the client’s discretion, it is recommended that Lam Civil Engineering gets involved in selecting the contractor since selecting the right contractor will make the project more smoothly.  During the construction, Lam Civil Engineering will engage in periodic field observation and resolve any issues that may arise.


Out Team

  • Quang Lam, P.E.

      Quang has over 11 years of civil engineering experience from...
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