Construction Documents

Lam Civil Engineering will finalize the site layout and design the infrastructures (i.e. stormwater managment system, potable/fire protection, wastewater, vehicular access and anything else which may be related to the site).  Signed permit applications are returned from client.  Signed applications and construction plan are routed/submitted to various government agencies for permitting.  This process is perhaps the longest since each government agencies have their established reveiw time line which could ranges from one week to a month for plan review.  More often than not, there are comments which Lam Civil Engineering will address and coordinate with other consultants.

During the second iteration of the plan review, at the request of the client, Lam Civil Engineering can assist in the general contractor selection.  Lam Civil Engineering can post permit plan on a local ftp site for general contractors access and facilitate the bidding process.

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